Sue Harper – Framer and Trainer

I started as a hobby artist and amateur photographer and the framing grew from the need to frame my own work. Based in Twickenham, I have a workshop in my garden, where I frame and teach in equal measures! I work by appointment only, which means that I can give you time to talk about the art you want framed.

I started framing my own photographs in 2005 to display and sell at craft fairs.  Enjoying the framing as much as the photography, this apect of my work grew to such an extent, that by 2012, I was framing and working with wood in earnest.  Initially my focus was working with raw wood, waxing, staining, and painting as needs required; I now offer a wide range of finishes and services. By 2013 I was framing for friends on an ad hoc basis and River Crane Framing was established.

I am an active member of the Fine Arts Trade Guild and encourage artists and framers alike to join the Guild.

The joy of my work is meeting different people and spending time talking about the work they want framed.  I enjoy framing and love to see the transforming effect a frame can have on a piece of art, whether a postcard, print, old poster or an original piece of work.

As a teacher and trainer, I enjoy helping my students learn a new skill, whether it’s for a one-off day or fun or with a view to growing their own skill set. 

From time to time, I get requests to do home-visits within a reasonable distance from South West London.  This oftn helps if there is a large collection of work or it’s important to see the work in the place where it will finally hang.

Sue Harper picture framer

Please call on 077 4763 2678 for Framing advice or for more details on our Workshops in Twickenham

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