It’s January 2020! I’m not quite sure how that happened or if I ever thought that a hobby I started back in 2005 would become a business and that I’d enjoy it quite as much as I do.

January:  the month when many of us try to get fit or eat less or meditate more or plan to clear out the clutter. I’ve not been one for resolutions in the past and I’ve not yet written any down for this year, but I did find clearing the clutter from my study last week really good fun. I now have space to sit and have tea and I found a few special, and beautiful cards that I’d like to frame.

As you sort through things this month and clear out bits and pieces or even look at what’s hanging on your walls, have a thought about framing something. I think framing a piece is all about making memories last… a frame holds a moment in your life. Perhaps the more obvious examples are family portraits or events; birthdays, graduations, weddings, and typically these are photographs. Quite often we tend to think about framing a piece of art, a painting or print.  Perhaps less obvious is framing the first pair of shoes a child has worn, a cross-stitch you worked on years ago, or a mask you bought on holiday, or even a tea towel from some far off country?

Each of the images below is important to someone.  They tell a story about an event – a holiday somewhere, a hobby or a passion.

I have a piece of art I made with a friend years ago.  I framed it before I was even a framer! It’s a bit rough and ready, but I love it.  It reminds of the day I made it with a special friend many years ago. What will you get framed this year? What memories would you like to cherish on your wall?


First Shoes

First Shoes

Birds on a Branch

Cross Stitch: Birds on a Branch

IMG 7331 e1578507734313

Tea Towel in a Frame

IMG 1263

Pencil Sketch

IMG 0524 1


Bright Blue Bear

Bright Blue Bear