Another year has slipped by

The air was bright and crisp this morning. Blossom is appearing at the tips of branches, there are daffodils on my breakfast table in the sunshine, and each morning is brighter, and the evenings stretch out that little bit more. All so good for reviving the soul.

Why this Video?

It never crossed my mind that I’d get involved in framing. The thought of running my own business was daunting and I had no idea where to begin, so running a framing business was beyond my wildest dreams.

Over the years I have taught picture framing to hobby framers and those wanting to start their own businesses. Often 1-1 and many times in small groups, with a wide range of equipment or what we could get our hands-on. Some wanted to frame for family and friends and others wanted to focus on an area and had plans to niche into selling framed bouquets, sports shirts, silk scarves, or wedding dresses.

In this video, I share my path to reach where I am today, as a framer and trainer, and my idea for taking that training forward online and to show more people that it’s possible to learn a new hobby and take that a step further to earn a second income for the household.

I’d like to find and share those stories of how you can switch to a new career, one you haven’t thought about.

If you’d like to share your story, please get in touch.

Picture Framing Workshops

The minute the first lockdown was announced all my in-person framing training stopped. There was a small window in the middle of the year when schools and colleges were allowed back and so I taught at the local college for a few weeks.

A new development for me was teaching online, running live training sessions with backup supporting videos. They’re quite fun and the group sessions mean we can chat and share ideas and questions.

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What’s Happened to the Framing?

After the first lockdown in early 2020, my in-workshop framing appointments moved to the front doorstep and, depending on the status or level of lockdown, we worked on designs on a table at the door, or from a tray on the driveway, or customers simply handed over their artwork and we did the design in a follow-up video call. By the third full lockdown in January this year, unless you were passing the house for exercise, or on your way for food, I have discouraged even click and collect.

Thank you for your patience and for working with me in such a strange way. For those of you who are new to me, that’s not my usual way of working. A huge thank you for your support over the year. It’s unlikely I’ll have customers back in the workshop until at least the middle of the year.

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