Another beginning? How many new starts are reasonable? Actually I have found starting again is a challenge.  Having enjoyed a successful career in computer technology to switch to something as different as framing pictures has not been as straight-forward as one might think. The challenge in starting again is that it’s effectively starting at the bottom of the ladder again, building skills, establishing a customer base and finding a place to work.

September on the Crane River

September on the Crane River

Why framing? Throughout my years working in the computer technology, the pervasive thread has been teaching, which I have always loved; the physical activity of working with and teaching a group of people is both exhausting and enjoyable.  As a qualified school teacher I taught Mathematics to senior school students, in the commercial sector, working in IT, I taught a variety of subjects to adults from all walks of life and in New Delhi, India, I taught English to children who ages ranged from 5 to 11 years. I’m not sure which was the most challenging – possibly those 5-year olds with their unstoppable energy!

Another thread that has run through my life has been my “art”.  I’ve done all manner of hand-craft to bring a balance into a life full of technology, including woodwork and photography and even reached the point of selling my photography, with a view to moving into doing that full-time.  In a world where every piece of technology has an integrated camera, it’s a hard sell!  Around the time, when I was selling my photographs, cards and miniature desk calendars at craft fairs, I started framing my photographs, and loved the act of framing as much as I found joy in taking the photographs – so much more satisfying than the selling.

In the years that followed I framed the occasional print and settled back into earning money in the safety of the tech world. In 2012, I started working with wood in earnest again and enjoyed a basic woodwork course and got out the old framing tools, and made a serious effort at turning my shed into a workshop! In the past I had turned the kitchen into a temporary workshop to frame a piece. Having a dedicated space to work meant that I could frame late into the evening without impacting dinner. Throughout the year I framed for friends and gathered others by word-of-mouth. I have enjoyed working with an artists, creating bespoke frames, by matching colours and finishes to bring out the best in the art, photographers and few friends who have dusted down old prints and photographs to hang on their walls.  I plan to continue framing this year, and I’ll also be teaching basic framing skills for DIY Framing, on the occasional weekend in the year. See the DIY Framing – UK School of Framing website for details.

River Crane Framing is named to reflect the area where I live and frame, where I walk with friends and the dogs and see the seasons change.  If you have something small or large, a photograph, a painting or postcard that you’d like to have framed, have the personal touch, call me.