It’s January 2017!  Apart from stating the obvious, that yet another new year has rolled in, I’m writing to thank my customers and friends for a great year in 2016.
I have a friend who often says “I’m blessed; I like my job”.  It’s not something you often hear.

My Walk to Work

My walk to work

Many have to fight the grind of getting into the city, with rail strikes, tube strikes, poor weather conditions or sheer volume of people on the journey, that’s London for you!

Stalking Lioness on canvas in a double frame

Stalking Lioness on canvas in a double frame

I love my job, because it’s a whole new experience – every day! The reason? I meet new people and see different artwork or am asked to frame something new and unusual each day.  Every piece that is brought in is special to that person, either because it’s a recollection of a holiday or a person or an experience, or it’s a gift or it’s going to be sold.

Whatever the reason, the person and the artwork are linked and I have the privilege of sharing that experience while I hear the story and frame the piece.  Isn’t that a treat?  So this is a thank you to all of you who brought your art to me for framing and also to those who chose to spend a day (or more) on a training workshop with me in my space.  Thank you.

If you’ve not yet been, please call and make an appointment to pop in and visit the workshop.  I look forward to meeting you.  Have a great 2017.






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